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 CGT Inc. have strong, safe, sustainable strategies. We get consistent results, with sensational outcomes in children's lives. Sponsorship is designed to make efficient use of time and give very good value for money. We do have the strength and knowledge to bring change. We have created a new and exciting future for hundreds of vulnerable children.

Your help is essential and appreciated.

Note: All sponsorship money is spent on the children, no administration costs are taken out or wages. CGT do not have investment portfolios and we need sponsorship commitments to be up to-date for the children to be cared for and educated. Wages and administration costs are covered by undesignated donations and specific project costs. Donate

The Christmas Fund is an essential part of the care of the children for cloths and other practical presents. It also gives the children a lot of fun on that special day. The christmas fund ensures all the children get presents and a special feast with ice-cream.

With no postage or transport costs.

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